Our services

We provide services that ensure your physical and emotional safety, as well as safety of your property.

  • - Driver guard;
    - Female guard;
    - Guard and transportation for children.
  • Depending on the client’s needs, a level of threat, and country’s environment we create the optimal escort scheme after consultations with our clients.
  • - Pass entry system and visitor control;
    - Video surveillance and video recording;
    - Track of visitors and goods transportation;
    - Fire fighting service and assistance to personnel (SSIAP license);
    - Patrol of guarded territory;
    - Patrol with trained dogs.
  • - Personal guard and territory patrol;
    - Technical protection from break-ins;
    - Video surveillance and video recording.
  • - GPS monitoring of goods transportation;
    - Technical assistance on the route.
  • - Pass entry system and visitor control;
    - Visitor surveillance system.
  • - Ground protection system;
    - Pass entry system and visitor control;
    - Intrusion protection and alarm system;
    - Fire alarm and automatic fire extinction system;
    - Video surveillance system.

With increasing treat we add on mobile groups, specially trained dogs and technical equipment.