About us

PHENIX SECURITY employees are professionals who have firsthand knowledge about safety. We consider safety to be a much wider concept than its traditional understanding.

For us safety is a psychological comfort of our client, which can be ensured by various means:

  • technical equipment;
  • personal guard;
  • correct advice about acceptable behavior in different parts of the world;
  • organization of logistics and transportation;
  • allocation of escort who know local language and culture and etc.

Using our services you will be in complete safety!
We united the best professionals in their field who as a team can satisfy various client demands.

- Our team is international
- Many of our employees have military service experience in such elite structures as the French Foreign Legion and other national and international military forces
- We apply the newest technical equipment for personal, property and collective safety
- We speak several languages – French, English, Russian, Ukrainian and others
- We understand and know cultural peculiarities in various geographic regions
- All our employees are fully licensed guards
- Our main attribute is discipline, responsibility, and immediate reaction to a threat